Loanplus founded in 2016 provides the most up to date technology and easy to use digital services to speed up and simplify the whole loan process.

Helping developers, agents, bankers, public sector bodies and buyers, with better loan processes for a better world.

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To developers, agents, bankers and buyers


Qualify leads and manage loan processes.

  • Qualify leads quickly
  • Manage and track the whole loan process
  • All in one mobile app

Great checks, strong leads and fast loans processing.

  • Fast buyer eligibility checks
  • Great buyer loan selections
  • Direct links to bankers for processing

Highly qualified loan applicants for fast approvals.

  • High quality leads from developers and agents
  • Real time updates on loan status
  • All in one mobile app

Fast elegibility checks, great loan selection and fast processing.

  • Useful Loan Chcck Report
  • Clear loan eligibility results
  • Great best matched loans
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