Digital services to speed up and simplify the loan process.

Loan Check

Checks loan eligibility across multiple financial institutions in minutes.

Make well informed decisions across all major banks with in-depth loan eligibility checks.

  • Great for developers to decide quickly on bookings.
  • Helpful for agents to check their customer eligibility in 10 mins.
  • Best matched loans across 18 financial institutions for buyers.
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Loan Check Report

The Loan Check Report lies at the core of our services and provides the most comprehensive review of a purchaser’s eligibility. It contains loan amounts from different banks, and even customized advice to ensure maximum sales conversions.

Applicant Details

Key applicant information as provided during the sales process. Details for co-applicants of the loan can also be captured for evaluation.


Screening Results

Screening results are provided indicating ratings from A to D for four key factors, and a final overall rating. Cases with co-applicants are also scored accordingly!


Maximum Loan Eligibility

A key feature of the Loan Check Reports is the section on maximum loan eligibility according to each bank’s criteria. Every bank can have a different approvable amount!


Bulk Loan Check

Targets only qualified buyers for selling and events.

Make the best use of resources and improve marketing campaigns by targeting buyers according to their loan eligibility. Bulk LoanCheck can process over 1000 applications in 24 hours.

  • Enables developers to target only qualified buyers.
  • Know who to invite for balloting.
  • Perfect for affordable housing projects.
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Loan Tracker

Tracking and management of the complete loan process.

Enables property developers to drive customer loan origination with any bank supported by real time tracking across the complete loan ecosystem. Linked to bankers through a suite of dedicated mobile apps.

  • Developers get their own loan platform and can track all steps.
  • Agents can track all loan applicants.
  • Buyers have a viable loan alternative to traditional banks.
  • Mobile apps for agents and bankers.
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Plug-in API

Loanplus services can be made available through a client’s existing systems and can be configured to specific needs with our Plug-in APIs. Connect seamlessly to benefit from our services whilst remaining in your own existing platforms with the same look and feel.

Supercharge your apps, systems and websites to screen and qualify buyers, and streamline sales processes, and enhance the buyer experience!

  • Screening ability within your existing systems.
  • Enrich your customer data with financial profiles for targeted marketing.
  • Buyers know exactly their loan purchase ability.
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